Haunted Houses - Phoenix, AZ

Selecting a haunted house in Phoenix, AZ for a night of shrieks, screams, and laughs can be a difficult decision. When you're ready to visit one of the local horror houses for a frightening night out we can help you locate the scariest haunted attractions in your area.

  • 13th Floor Haunted House - The world famous 13th Floor Haunted House has come to Phoenix! Created by nationally recognized and award winning haunted house designers the 13th Flo...
  • Jack And Jills Haunted Hill - Jack and Jill went up the Hill but were never seen again...and you might not be either! While searching for water they stumbled upon an abandoned mine...
  • Vaseo Haunted House - vaseo haunted house, friendly family haunted house....

The Best Haunted Attractions in Phoenix, AZ

Even if you're looking for a local haunted hayride, we've got you covered here at Haunted House Locator. You've come to the right place when it's time to find a good scare from one of the many local haunts. During your search for the perfect haunted house if you notice that we've missed any known Arizona haunted houses then please contact us to let us know!

While many haunted houses can be a great time for the part-time thrill seekers, some adrenaline junkies would much rather search out paranormal activity at some of the many real haunted places in Arizona that we have listed.

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